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Και να προσθέσω ότι στις συνθήκες άμεσης δημοκρατίας που λειτουργούν ανάμεσα μας, όλοι έχουν λόγο και δύναμη γιά να συναποφασίζουν γιά εκείνα στα οποία εργάζονται και γιά εκείνα τα οποία τους αφορούν.

In this article we offer the context and qualifications of who we are And just how we function, and particular responses:

We inquire, ask for, beg the worldwide indymedia community all over again to be sure to rethink, and uncover ways to extend some specialized assist to us in order that we will present Open up Publishing around the Cyprus IndyMedia website. The Group has to be offered the tools to precise itself instantly.

Among the accusations shown versus us earlier mentioned considerations a "naming and shaming" that we did by publishing the names of these 3 companies: Αυτόνομη Δράση Αντιεξουσιαστών (ΑΔΑ), Βιβλιοθήκη - ΑΓράμματα, and, "Εναλλακτικά Media Φάλιες". These groups, in December of 2009, in lieu of resisting the motion of provocateurs from the Old Metropolis of Lefkosia, went ahead and revealed on their own websites a poster calling with the burning down of the town with firebombs, during the vain hope that This may guide the youth to an insurrection ("ideal") within the anniversary of the brutally murdered and martyred youth Alexis Gregoropoulos in Athens.

Are living-streaming a marshland for pleasurable - and science A protected marshland continues to be wired with sensors, cameras and microphones to create a virtual actuality globe inspired by nature's rhythms

Therefore enterprises that expose their staff to carcinogenic or reprotoxic substances of this kind need to more cut down publicity levels down below the BOELS defined in the new directive.

VERIFICADO I would like artwork for just a card game I am creating. The cardboard match get more info is predicated off Greek mythology, which means I are going to be looking for original artwork of varied Greek gods, titans, and also other mythological goods.

αλλά θα σου εισηγούμουν πέρα από την ισοπεδωση "στυλ οσρ"

The accusations produced in opposition to us thus far are anonymous. The fabric and explanations that we published previously mentioned - along with the immediate information that the men and women inside our communities have of us by means of constant involvement with our initiatives - present all of them for being lies, misconstrued arguments, fabrications and falsifications on the file. But their anonymity, in some way presents them a "magickal" endurance.

γ. Να ενθαρρύνεται η προβολή αντίθετων απόψεων με τους διαχειριστές που θα γίνεται τεκμηριωμένα και κόσμια.

και όχι στην ένωση αναρχικών που ξέρω τα παιδιά τα οποία προσπαθούν πραγματικά μέσα σε πολύ δύσκολες συνθήκες να διεκδικήσουν ακόμη και φωνή και πολιτική ύπαρξη

Ταυτόχρονα αναγνωρίζω ρεαλιστικά ότι ο μιλιταριστικός κρατισμός του Τουρκικού Κράτους και Βίας απειλεί ουσιαστικά την ίδια μας τη φυσική ύπαρξη.

The US/British isles-led coalition attacked us by ordering The federal government of Cyprus to start an illegal investigation towards us; the Law enforcement claimed they were Checking out regardless of whether we constitute a "Threat to US passions":

Γενικά εν θέλετε να δουλεύκετε! Εννεν οι ΄΄διαταγές΄΄ του Ευδόκα που σας ενοχλούν.

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